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WordPress Security Update

If you are using a WordPress blog or CMS for your website, it's time for security update. You need to apply the latest security update (3.0.4) to patch this vulnerability. "Is a very important update to apply to your sites as soon as possible because it fixes a core security bug in our HTML sanitation library, called KSES . I would rate this release as critical." (, 2010 ) Our KING.NET , , , , , and other project websites are updated to the latest release of WordPress.

Removing Security Shield (Uninstall Guide)

I recently wrote an article on how to remove a System Tool fake anti-spyware tool. If you missed to read the article, here the link ( Uninstall System Tool ). Today, I received another request on how to remove a Security Shield another rogue anti-spyware program similar to Security Tool. The step-by-step is already provided by the website, so I will not create another how to article. Instead, I will share a different approach on how to remove the program without installing any anti-spyware program e.g. MalwareBytes or HijackThis. You should know how to use a command prompt to navigate your workstation directories. Here's a simple guide on how to remove the Security Shield. Restart your workstation in a SAFE Mode . Login to your workstation Open a command prompt, click on Start, Run, type CMD [Enter] (not case sensitive) In command prompt, go to this subdirectories c:\Documents and Settings\Medialogy\Local Settings\Application Data\ Check if you fin

Skype is down!

Just in case you are trying to access Skype and can't connect, don't blame your Internet Service Provider (ISP) because Skype service is down. See their twitter update. Updated: Dec.23 7:40am  Noted from Skype website: " An update on the downtime which has been affecting many of you around the world: the ability of one Skype user to find another relies on what we call ‘supernodes’, and yesterday, a number of these failed due to a software issue, which we’ve now identified. Our engineers are working to resolve the problem. Millions of you are already reporting that you can now sign in to Skype normally, and we estimate that there are already almost 5 million people online. As a guide, this is around 30% of what we’d expect at this time of day – and that number is increasing all the time. Unfortunately, it’s not possible for us to predict on an individual level when you’ll be able to sign in again, and we thank you for your patience in the meantime. It’s worth noting tha

Comparing Apple iPad to other tablets brand.

Here's a short comparison guide I've got from different tech websites.  Comparing Apple iPad to other brands such as BlackBerry Playbook, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Dell Streak, and HP Slate. I don't know about you, but here the basic technical specification I look for a device e.g. Processor, RAM, and Apps . I need at least 16GB internal storage for saving documents, few games, music, and video. I am using cloud storage for emails, pictures, and video. Everyone knows Apple 100,000+ advantage in apps. BlackBerry Playbook Apple iPad Samsung Galaxy Tab Dell Streak HP Slate Screen Size 7 inches 9.7 inches 7 inches 5 inches 8.9 inces Resolution 1024x600 1024x768 1024x600 800x480 1024x600 Pixel Density 170 133 170 187 Platform BlackBerry Tablet OS iOS 3.2.2 iOS 4.2 Androide 2.2 Android 1.6 Androi

Games Software Development Kit

I have dreams of making my own games or managing my own gaming company, but for now playing the games and learning some basic programming on how to create a game is just another hobby for me. Interesting articles " How to break into the video-game industry " (CNN, 2010), provides useful links, gamer development tools, and tutorials. List of Game Software Engines: Unreal Development Kit (  or ) Torque ( ) Adventure Game Studio ( ) Playground SDK( ) App Hub ( ) If you're interested to develop in iPhone or iPhone, here's a short list of alternative softwares updating ... Please post in comment if you know other game software development tools. Updates related to games and other resources: The Game Programmer's Guide to Torque

How to remove System Tool a fake security antivirus?

Everything is working OK with your computer and all of sudden you are prompted with a windows alert that you are infected, showing a fake scan to scare you. First thing you need to do, DO NOT order anything from the website. Take a deep breath and follow the procedure here to fix it. It is easy to fix this problem, this is just another misleading (rouge) anti-spyware program. You need a tool to remove this program. Actually, you can use registry editor to delete but it is not advisable if you are not familiar on how to use. I suggest that you download one file from Trend Micro website. Here's the link: . Download the executable  (not the installer) so you can run this tool right away. You need to use a working computer to download the program and save to a USB drive. Then copy the executable program to the infected computer. For example, copy the executable program (HijackThis.exe) to your c:\temp folder. If you don't have a temp, cre

iPhone using IMAP in Exchange Server 2003

Here's a simple guide to setup your iPhone for Exchange Server 2003 using IMAP protocol. Click the Setting icon in your iPhone device, click Other, click Add Mail Account, and follow the example configuration setting below. For the Incoming Mail Server: Host Name: Username: medialogy\johndoe ; where medialogy is the domain name, johndoe is the username Password: user account password Outgoing Mail Server: SMTP: Ignore the connection error, continue and go to the Advance setting. In Advance, Incoming Settings: Use SSL: ON Server Port: 993 ;this is a default port number. Configuration is complete. Try to send and receive email. If you have any issue, please post it here or at for assistance.

Will reading WikiLeaks cost students jobs with the federal government?

This is very interesting post from CNN website. "Will reading WikiLeaks cost students jobs with the federal government? U.S. agencies have warned some employees that reading the classified State Department documents released by WikiLeaks puts them at risk of losing their jobs. But what about students considering jobs with the federal government? Do they jeopardize their chances by reading WikiLeaks?" ( CNN , 2010) "In the eyes of the federal government, the documents remain classified, "thus, reading them, passing them on, commenting on them may be seen as a violation of Executive Order 13526 , Classified National Security Information," said Maura Kelly, Boston University law assistant dean for career development and public services, in an e-mail to students." Share your thought! Ask, Answer and Earn

We are in development to bring you Ask, Answer, and Earn . We are inviting individual professional to join us when we launch this service. If you are knowledgeable in any questions posted by our members here at, you get paid (approved by the user who asked the questions). So what's up if you launch service, you ask?  It's an opportunity for you to earn easy money, no affiliation or membership fees required to become a member of community. For example, a member asked a question regarding a comparison between iPhone, Adroid, and Blackberry. You as individual happen to know or had past experienced with subject in question, you may offer your answer, and if the user is satisfied you get paid! Another possible questions or examples, a member ask a question regarding credit card, mortgage rates, 401K investment, news about "anything", anti-virus, malware, help desk, and other IT related questions. You answer them and

24 Hours to Start Making $389,783 in just 60 days.

I received this email today with the subject " 24 Hours to Start Making $389,783 in just 60 days. On Autopilot. ", I say don't waste your time and money . If they know how to make money this much (six figures in 90 days), they should be retire by now. I guess not, because I received one of the email spam today and continue to receive once in every month. This could be worst if I'm not using Google Apps for email. If you are using Gmail email, when you received a similar subject, simply click the "Report spam" or delete it. Don't bother to open the message. Here's the message: ============== Hey, I have to be quick. It’s your last chance...There are only 18 spots left... If you just want the link, here it is, hurry there NOW: [Name removed, not worthy to mention] is going back underground with his profit-sucking software, along with a pile of cash that gets bigger every day. He has almost hit his limit of available copies and will be putti

HOWTO Backup Mailbox from Exchange Server 2007 SP1

This is another HOWTO procedure to backup a mailbox from Exchange Server 2007 SP1. Open the Exchange Management Console (EMC) Go to Recipient Configuration , click the Mailbox .  In Mailbox, select the mailbox you want to manage (example: Jane Queen), then click Manage Full Access Permission . In Manage Full Access Permission, click Add , select a username (example: Bob King) you want to manage this mailbox. In Exchange Server 2007, by default only the exchange administrator and "SELF" have access to manage the mailbox. So you need to add the server administrator or a specific user (Bob King). After selecting a user, click Manage to continue. In Summary, you should see 1 Item,1Succeeded, 0 Failed. Click Finish . We just finished giving permission to a user where he/she can manage the mailbox. Now login to your workstation using Bob King (admin) username. I have Bob King profile in MS Outlook, so I need to add Jane Queen (mailbox) profile. In Control Panel, click the M

iOS 4.2 Software Update

Apple just released iOS 4.2 Software Update today. This update is available for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. So if you're at home surfing for your cyber shopping, take a break to iSyn your iDevice. What do you expect from the iOS 4.2 software update? Here's a short list. Multitasking - run your favorite apps and switch between them instantly without slowing down the performance of the foreground app or draining the battery unnecessarily. I'm hoping this will also improve the battery life of my 2nd generation iPhone. Folders - folders on iPad give you more room for more apps. Organize apps by category fast access to your favorites. This is an excellent features to have in iPad, my children downloaded a lot of apps, it will take 5 to 10 slides to find my "work" apps or my favorite games. AirPrint - With just a few taps, wirelessly print photos, email, web pages, and more from your iPad to an AirPrint-enabled printer. AirPlay - Wirelessly stream music, phot

Tomorrow is just another day

Apple main website page as of yesterday November 15, 2010 posted "Tomorrow is just another day. That you'll never forget. Check back here tomorrow for an exciting announcement from iTunes." So what do you expect today? Apple iTunes will be the MP3 killer? Apple iTunes will let user to download The Beatles musics? or they will announce iPod for FREE this coming thanksgiving holiday? We will find out today! Update1. Breaking News from CNN, Apple's iTunes offers Beatles songs for the first time. No article to share at this time 10:00am, I will check again later. Updated2 . It's official. The Beatles. Now on iTunes.

Facebook Got Fmail!

Yesterday announcement by Mark Zuckerberg is just over hype and in my humble opinion the so-called Facebook innovation combining email, messaging, instant messaging to better communicate with friends is a concept of Google Wave. Then he mentioned about email communication and priority features, Google Gmail also added this service for months. Though it's cool to have my own email address but I'm not replacing my own @KING.NET powered by Google Apps anytime soon. If missed the event, watch the streaming video from Watch live streaming video from facebookinnovations at posted an article " What your e-mail address says about you ." (CNN, 2010)

How to restore your VMware Virtual Machines

A simple guide on how you restore a Virtuall Machines to another VMware Server installation. Assuming you already installed a fresh VMware Server so you can move your Virtual Machines from the old server.  Copy the Virtual Machines folder from old VMware Server1 to VMware Server2 (new VMware Server install). Note. You should copy the Virtual Machines folder inside the VMware Server2 datastore folder. Normally Virtual Machines folder in your local drive. Login to your VMware Server2 management console In Summary, Commands, click on Add Virtual Machines to Inventory . It will shows your server existing VM datastore, and you should see the folders you copied from step 1. In Contents, select the Virtual Machines vmx file, and click OK. Click the Virtual Machines tab, to see if the Virtual Machines restore is completed. Select the Virtual Machines and click start. Wait to complete the process. That's simple.  Now start your Virtual Machine to see if the configuration and softwar

Convert PDF to Word document

There are many ways to convert a PDF to Word document. One I know is using from PDF saving as TIFF , then use the Microsoft Office Document Imaging to Recognize Text Using OCR , and finally Send Text To Word . That's a lot of action if you are converting 10 or more pages PDF file to Word. It is must easier to do this task now, by just uploading the document, convert to PDF and send this to you through email courtesy by website. According to the site, "The Most Accurate PDF-toWord Converter". I tried it and worked great. I also tested this web tool using a protected PDF password. Though I don't recommend using the online tool if your PDF contained a sensitive information e.g. financial records, banks, social security number, and other confidential data. The website offer a desktop version of the tool where you can buy. Sorry it is not free, though you can try it for 14 days before you decide to purchase. I think that's a good deal. The websit

Wordpress Video Plugin

Another useful plugin added to KING.NET content management system powered by WordPress. A filter for WordPress that allows easy embedding of supported sites. Support for 63 different video sites. Here's the short list: Facebook YouTube Brightcove Blip.TV Veoh Metacafe Hulu and many more  All you have to do is activate this plugin using your KING.NET account, and you have it. As always, it is a free service from us.

WP e-Commerce shopping cart

As we continue to improve our service, we just added WP e-Commerce shopping cart plugin in our service offering. It is an elegant easy to use fully featured shopping cart application suitable for selling your products, services, and or fees online. WP e-Commerce is a Web 2.0 application designed with usability, aesthetics, and presentation in mind. Perfect for: Bands and Record Labels Clothing Companies Crafters and Artists Book, DVDs and MP3 files Start your own e-Commerce today, or visit for demo.

All in one SEO Plugins installed.

We just added the All in one SEO at KING.NET as added service to make your website search engine friendly using search engine optimization technique. This is nicely done by this specific WordPress plugin. All you have to do is login to using your account to manage your website, and activate the plugin. If you have additional questions or need assistance, please visit message board to post. You don't need to create a separate login account, just login using your existing account, and you're in. Some features are listed below: Support of Custom Post Types Advanced Canonical URLs Fine tune Page Navigational Links Built-in API on other plugins/themes can access and extend functionality ONLY plugin to provide SEO Integration for WP e-Commerce sites Nonce Security Support for CMS-Style Wordpress installation Automatically optimizes your titles for search engine Generates META tags automatically Avoids the typical duplicate content fou

No Parking

If you are looking for parking service alternative and don't know where to start, you came to the right place. Instead of using parking service and a lousy percentage of revenue sharing, create your instant website at KING.NET powered by WordPress. Benefits of creating your instant website. Create an instant website (a blog or content management system) Maximize your earning potential using your own Ads e.g., chitika, direct advertising, etc. Use WP-o-matic to post articles, for automatic posting of articles to your website categories. Use your own domain name. For example, , , etc. Select a theme according to your taste. No need to learn WordPress installation, it is ready and serve. Standard Antiplog to deter spams in your articles or comment post. You don't need a domain name, you can use one of our generic domains for your website. Use Google Analytic to track your domain traffic. For additional information, v

How to configure the Windows Time Service on the PDC emulator

In Windows Server PDC Emulator, do the following tasks: Open a Command Prompt. Click Start, Run, type CMD [Enter] Type the following command to display the time difference between the local computer and a target computer, and the press [Enter]: w32tm /stripchart /computer: target /samples: n /dataonly , where target for example is, and n is to specifies the number of time samples that will be return from the target computer to test basic NTP communication. Open User Datagram Protocol (UDP) port 123 for outgoing traffic. If you don't know how to open this port, contact your System Administrator or Firewall Administrator. Sometimes these roles hold by a single employee, common in a small business company. You also need to open UDP port 123 for incoming NTP traffic. Type the following command to configure the PDC emulator: w32tm /config /manualpeerlist: peers /syscfromflags:manual /reliable:yes /update [Enter]  where peers specifies the list of DNS names or

Installation of Exchange Server 2007 SP3 How to Guide.

Here's the Step-by-step Procedure to Install Exchange Server 2007 SP3 in you Windows Server 2003 64bit R2. First action is to download the Exchange Server 2007 SP3, here's the link where to download Exchange Server SP3  or just search "Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 3" in any search engine. Save the file to your Windows Server temp file. Before you can execute this file in Windows Server 2003 environment, you need to UNBLOCK by right-clicking on file. Note: If you don't UNBLOCK the file, you will receive this similar error when you double-click " Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item ." You will also need to install the Windows Installer 4.5 . After the installation of Windows Installer 4.5 restart the server. Let's start the installation of Exchange Server 2007 SP3. Click on Setup.exe file. In Exchange

Wordpress Sharebar plugin making our site slow.

It is nice to see our main website with additional sharebar social media plugin but unfortunately I had to remove it only after a few days of installation. The sharebar plugin is causing our website to take 2-3 seconds or maybe longer to load the contents. That is not acceptable for news and magazine website. It is really a good addition to the site but we intend to provide faster access to our website. We will revisit this plugin again when they improve the loading speed. If you don't have a website, create an instant website at KING.NET .

Exchange 2010 Management Console "Initialization failed"

I'm migrating from Exchange Server 2003 to Exchange Server 2010. The installation of Exchange Server 2010 is almost complete but stopped me in Exchange Management Console with the error " Initialization Failed ". No worries, so I logged in forums and search this error. I spent at least 30 to 60 minutes reading all the posts but no success finding solution to my problem. So I called Microsoft Professional Services where I will pay $259 + $15Tax per incident to address this issue. Error " The following error occurred when searching for On-Premises Exchange Server: [server#.Domain] Connecting to the remote server failed with the following error message: The WinRM client cannot process the request. It cannot determine the content type of the HTTP response from the destination computer. The content type is absent or invalid. For more information, see the about_Remote_Troubleshooting help topic " To make the story short and corre

Fix Compile Error in Hidden Module: Distmon

When you start an excel program, you see this error "Compile Error in Hidden Module: Distmon". Some obvious reason this problem may occur when you upgraded your Symantec Anti-Virus or outdated PDFMaker add-in templates. Good News! You can easily resolve this using Microsoft Fix It, fix this problem. Here's the link: Let me know if this work for you. Best regards, Support, KING.NET

How to Fix vpmsece.dll errors in Microsoft Outlook 2003

You will get this error "c:\Program Files\Symantec AntiVirus\vpmsece.dll" when you open your Microsoft Outlook program. This is normal when you upgrade your Anti-Virus program especially using Symantec End-Point Protection. How to Fix this error? Don't worry, it is easy to fix. Just delete the extend.dat file. Here's a simple procedure to follow: First, close your Microsoft Outlook program Search for extend.dat , and delete it. Don't worry this file will be recreated by Microsoft Outlook program when you start it again. This time with the correct information of your anti-virus software. Start your Microsoft Outlook and check if you see other error. I hope this help, and please let me know. Thank you, Support, KING.NET