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How to setup email address using BlackBerry Bold

I wrote this article because some HOWTO website is not up to date. This article will guide you on how to add your MS Exchange email address using BlackBerry Bold smart phone. In your BlackBerry Bold phone. Press the BlackBerry icon , and you should see " Maximize Panel ", select and press the center button . Scroll down, select, and press the Setup icon . In Setup, you will see the Email Account , press the icon to configure your email. NOTE: If this is the first time you will add an email, you will force to create an BlackBerry ID. Go ahead and complete this process. Your BlackBerry phone will try to complete the setup. Of course this will fail, because it does not know your email address, password, and your company Outlook Web Access exact URL address. So, you need to provide these information manually. Email: [email protected] Password: my email password OWA Address: ; yes with /exchange press Continue to complete the setup. I h

Microsoft Tag for your website

Get your own Microsoft Tag and QR Codes at website. It’s so easy to use and perfect to any marketing approach, post it your website so mobile/smartphone users will be able to visit your website without typing the URL website address. Why use Microsoft Tag or QR Codes? This is a simple whole new dimension to your products and services marketing campaigns. Capture your customers in the moment and bring printed materials to life. (2011, Here’s our own Microsoft Tag:  You scan this image using Microsoft Tag app for your iPhone and smartphones. Here’s the link from Microsoft website:  Visit to create your own Microsoft Tag and QR Codes for your marketing campaigns. You don’t need to register to use it’s functionality, but you can’t edit it. If you plan to edit your Microsoft Tag and QR Codes for your website address, then you need to register. Short URL Service

The Short URL Cloaking Service and Marketing tools comes with easy to handle your long URLs and to control traffic, cloak your affiliate links, track clicks, redirect statistic for timing, referring sites, IP Addresses, referring pages; set temporary download links and protected with password, and best of all your content goes mobile with QR Codes and Microsoft Tags. So much features to post, it's better for your to try it out yourself. The short URL service is free to use and you don't have to register to use most of it's functionality. Here's the website , see our own QR Codes and Microsoft Tags later today. You will see them in our main website. Please tweet and mention us in your facebook. Thank you. Update: Here's QR code, if you scan this using your smart phone you will be redirected to our website (mobile version). Cool huh! Here's the KING.NET QR code:

Role Management Tool

When you try to install the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 and you are prompted something like this. " You must use Role Management Tool to install or configure Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 " This is because the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 is already in your server. Unlike the previous version of Windows Server e.g. 2000 or 2003, you need to download the .NET Framework manually. Here's how to enable Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 in your Windows Server 2008. Go to the Server Manager Click the Features, click Add Features, put check on .NET Framework 3.5.1, and accept additional features to enable. That's it. Proceed with your application installation. I hope this help.

IE Enhanced Security Configuration

In Windows Server 2008, if you try to visit a website you will see a lot of pop-up, and you need to allow them manually so you can see web page. This is annoying, so here's how to disable this security feature. NOTE: You need to enable it back after you're done. Here's how to disable the IE ESC or IE Enhanced Security Configuration. I prefer to call it as IE Security, easy to remember. Click Start, All Programs, Administrator Tools, then click Server Manager. You will see the " Configure IE ESC ", click the link. The Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration will open. Select the button "OFF" for the Administrators and Users. Now, try to visit a website to see if you done it correctly. I remind you again to bring back IE ESC to "ON" after you've done your internet surfing. This security feature was added to minimize risks connected to the Internet. Free Arcade Games Online Free Arcade Games provides 1000+ games to play and have fun. No need to register to play online. Though if you register your own account, you will see less and less of advertisement. Either way, you can play thousands of games for free 24×7, and 365 days. I hope you like, please introduce us to your friends. Come visit Free Online Arcade Games today.

Install Application on Remote Desktop Services

Visit our sponsors:  - Free Online Arcade Games  - Don't be Hacked. Get a daily anti-malware scan. This article will show you on how to add an applications to your Remote Desktop Services installation. If you haven't read the Windows Server 2008 R2 - Remote Desktop Services installation guide, please read it first. What is the benefits of using Remote Desktop Services? If you are using the VPN for remote connection, then you have an idea. This is a Microsoft remote access solution to replace (maybe) the difficult to setup VPN connection, but a lot of company still using this technology. If it is running and properly setup, the VPN is a reliable remote access solution. Well, we are not here to compare the VPN and Remote Desktop Services. The Remote Desktop Services is an added tool for your employees to telecommute or work from home without compromising your network security. I think it's safe to say, minimizing security risks. If th

YA.NET Magazine Cover for Holiday season

Just in time for Christmas or Holiday for some people prefer to call it. YA.NET Magazine Cover releases MERRYCHRISTMAS Magazine and HOLIDAY Magazine covers to bring excitement to your personal photo, family or group photos. Instead of sending a plain photo, you can select any YA.NET Magazine Cover to add fun to your photos. You don't need to register for an account to create your own Magazine Cover. Simply upload your photo, select a Magazine Cover, then share to your family and friends through a social media links. To give you some good ideas, here's are the samples from our members and visitors.

Online Photo Editor

Editing your Photo is fun, but if you don't have money to buy PhotoShop software what's your alternative? Good news, there are some free or open source photo editor, and one of them is that provides online  photo editing services. Check it out and leave me your feedback. Tell me what you like about their service and you don't like, they need to hear those feedback to improve their applications. And if you need to put your photo to a Magazine Cover, come visit better way to express yourself. You will enjoy it. Have fun!

Sedo using DNS for parking services.

I just receive an email from Sedo regarding " Change of Parking Policy ". Changing the domain name parking setup from URL forwarding to DNS. I agree with their justification listed below of using DNS instead of URL forwarding, and I intend to make these changes to my domain portfolio. Here the message of the email. "As of January 1st 2012, Sedo will no longer pay out parking revenue for any domains parked using URL forwarding, regardless of the advertising provider source. This is based on a decision from our primary online advertiser, Google, who has stated that they will only monetize name-server (DNS) parked domains.  DNS-parked domains are more secure and less susceptible to downtime. DNS-parked domains load more quickly for visitors, resulting in better CTR and ultimately more revenue.  DNS forwarding settings can be adjusted in bulk by most registrars, whereas URL forwarding must be set up one domain at a time.   Over the last few months we have sent o

The Mall is watching you

Did you enjoy your Black Friday shopping? I bet you do. Anyway, did you know that (some) Malls are watching your shopping habit? In my humble opinion this is an invasion of privacy, because they did not inform the shoppers about this tracking mechanism when they enter the mall. Recently CNN reported that malls track shoppers during Black Friday, a service called FootPath Technology installed a discreet devices at the Short Pump Town Center in Richmond, Virginia and Promenade Temecula in southern California from Black Friday through New Year. "How does it work? The company installs discreet receivers attached to walls at the location to be tracked, and these devices then track anyone in the vicinity with a switched-on cell phone. The person-specific tracking allows the system to determine which stores get the most traffic, and which areas within the stores attract the largest crowds. The system also collects weather and site event information to help illustrate possible impacts

Windows Server 2008 R2 - Remote Desktop Services

If you're looking for a Terminal Services procedure, you're in the right place. The Terminal Services name was changed to Remote Desktop Services. I like it, it is more user friendly name to use. The video link I provided here is a step by step instructions to install the Terminal Services . This is a detailed instructions to follow installing Terminal Services for Windows Server 2008. Please note, I used Windows Server 2008 R2 Data Center to write this procedures for Remote Desktop Services. Though, very close configuration for Terminal Services. Let's begin. Right click on your Windows Server, and click on Manage. In Add Roles, put check on Remote Desktop Services, Network Policy and Access Services, and Web Server (IIS). Click Next. In Role services, put check on Remote Desktop Session Host , Remote Desktop Connection Broker , Remote Desktop Gateway , and Remote Desktop Web Access . Click Next. Specify whether Network

Calendar Sharing in Exchange Online Services

This article will provide you step-by-step instructions on how to Share a Calendar in Exchange Online Services using BPOS (Business Productivity Online Services) or Office365. The Office365 will be the Microsoft brand name providing email hosting services, replacing the BPOS powered by Exchange Server 2007. If you are looking a procedure on how to Share a Calendar using MS Exchange Server 2003/2007, please read this link: Whaddya know how to create a reservation in Outlook using Exchange 2003/2007 . Let's get down to business. Here's the step-by-step procedures: Login to Microsoft Online Services Administration Center , using your administrator email address and password. Click Users tab, in Actions, click on " Add new user " In General , enter your calendar's information e.g. username, First, Last, and Display. For example. First: Technology, Last: Calendar, and Display: # _Calendar , Technology. This will be first in your Global Address List. Create

iOS 5.0.1 is out today

If you own the new iPhone 4S running iOS 5.0, an update is available for you. This update contains improvements and other bug fixes including: Fixes bugs affecting battery life Adds Multitasking Gestures for original iPad Resolves bugs with Documents in the Cloud Improves voice recognition for Australian users using dictation. Note: You need to be WIFI connected to run the update on your iPhone or iPad, the GSM connection will not be fast enough to download almost 40Mb file. Anyway, it will not allow you to run the update if not connected to WIFI. This is smart programming, kudos to Apple update programming team. And it will also recommend that your iPhone is connected to a power source for not to drain the battery.  The software update from 5.0 to 5.0.1 is smooth. I don't have to connect my iPhone to my MacBook Pro to get this latest iOS update. Looking forward for a longer battery life.

Dream Watch IV - iPhone 4S Case

De Bethune maker of a elegant Dream Watch showcase their new iPhone 4S shield case in tribute to Steve Job. If money is not an issue, this iPhone case is one of a kind, and only available for 12-piece limited edition. Only few lucky one will have a chance to own this iPhone 4S case. De Bethune exhibition to be held in Grand Lac salon of the Hotel des Bergues on the Quai des Bergues in Geneva from January 15 - 20, 2012. For more details, please read De Bethune press release:

How to secure your new computer?

I bought a laptops for my children. Here's how to secure it, or simply minimizing cyber threat (risks). I setup and configured the laptops using the local administrator account. Run windows update, and apply those security patches. Sometimes you need to run Windows Update, twice or three times to make sure that all security patches applied to your computer. After the installation of security patches, make sure that you set this windows update " automatic " once every week to keep your computer up to date. Click Start , Control Panel , then Windows Update . Here you can modify how frequent you want your computer to receive update automatically. Of course you can come back and make the necessary adjustment as you see fit. After the security update install and setup. It's time to download and install anti-virus software. It's nice to know that Microsoft offer Free Anti-Virus for Windows. Here's the link to download the software

Google+ for Google Apps

It's about time Google+ (or Google Plus) now available using Google Apps domain. This includes Google Apps (Standard), Google Apps for Business, Google Apps for Government, and Google Apps for Education. The Google Apps for domain administrator needs to turn-ON this feature. Here's how to. Log in to the Google Apps administrator control panel. Click the Organization & users tab. Click the Services tab. Scroll down 'till you see the Google+ icon, change it to ON . You're done. To test it. Go to Google Plus website , the browser will auto-detect that your Google Apps email is now ready for Google Plus, continue to setup your profile, add your family, and friends.  Enjoy.

Transferring Photos and Music to iPhone 4S

I finally got my iPhone 4S, definitely way faster than my old iPhone. I got 64Gb so I can transfer all my musics, videos, and all my pictures. This article will help you transfer your pictures and musics to your new iPhone device. Here's how to. First of all, let's backup your pictures. You can simply open a windows explorer, drag all your pictures to your C: drive. You can create a new folder if you want to organize your pictures backup. For Mac users, create a new folder to your "Documents", then drag and drop. For this example, let's use a new folder " BACKUP PICTURES " to copy your pictures from your apple device e.g. iPhone or iPod Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes application. If you don't, please update this application before you proceed. It is highly recommended. After the backup, connect your apple device. Open your iTunes application, it will automatically recognize your device under DEVICES . Click on it. Select t

iCloud Photo Stream - HOWTO delete them

OK you got your new iPhone 4S, congratulation to you. The iPhone 4S comes with updated iOS 5.0 packed of new features to play. One of them is the iCloud Photo Stream service, where you can shoot a photo, automatically stream to your iCloud account, and be able to see this photo to your other iOS device running 5.0. Sweet! Now, the questions is how do you delete your Photo Stream? A little tricky, but it is available. Here's how. Login to your iCloud account through website. Click on your name, located at upper right-corner of the web page. Click Advance, then click Reset Photo Stream. Click Reset to continue. It will only delete the photos in your Photo Stream account, not in your iOS devices such as iPhone, iMac, iPod, etc. I hope this help.

HOWTO convert a Physical Server to Virtual Machine

Here's a step-by-step procedures on how to convert a Physical Server to Virtual Machine. Download VMware converter tool from website.  Copy the converter tool to your physical server, and double-click the file to install, and accept " default " installation. Open the client to start the conversion. In VMware vCenter Converter Standalone console, click " Convert Machine ". In Conversion, Source System, and select "This local machine". Click Next to continue. In Destination , type the IP address or name of vCenter Server, Username , Password , and OS Family " Windows ". Click Next to continue. It will prompt a "Converter Security Warning", click " Ignore " the Certificate Warnings. In Destination Virtual Machine, type Name of server ex. KINGNET_Server01, click Next to continue. In Cluster (if you use this feature), select the server, in Datastore select EqualLogic , click Next . In Options, click N

HOWTO setup your BlackBerry BOLD in Verizon

Got your new BlackBerry BOLD smart phone and got this error when try to use the e-mail. " This BlackBerry device is not registered with your wireless service provider. " Please register this device and verify that the URL of the current website matches the one provided by your wireless service provider.  To register  In the Application list on your device, click Options, or click Settings Options.  Click Advanced Options > Host Routing.  Click the Meny key and click Register Now.  It took a while for me to find this setting using a BlackBerry Bold. Why they keep changing the location of the setting, maybe for the better. Here's how to register a BlackBerry Bold.  In your BlackBerry smartphone: Go to Setup, Options, Device, Advanced System Settings, Host Routing Table, then press the BlackBerry icon, select Register Now.

Gmail Security - Two factor authentication

The Gmail provides excellent tools for anti-spam and anti-viruses. The username and password authentication is great, and you can make this more secure using two factor authentication or 2 step verification. Here's how to activate the 2-Step Verification using your Gmail or Google Apps email. Login to your email at In the upper right-corner of your browser, click on your email address, then click Account Settings . Under Security, click on " Using 2-Step verification " to generate the codes. For this example, I will use my iPhone, (also available for Android and BlackBerry). So in Mobile Application, click on iPhone. The next page will provide information on how to download the Google Authenticator for iPhone, done that and I am ready to go. Using my iPhone Google Authenticator, click the (+) sign to add, click the Scan Barcode , and scan the code in your Gmail account. In the iPhone Google Authenticator, you will see a 6-digits number to be use to

Updating to iOS 5.0

I'm so excited today hoping to received my iPhone 4S. That excitement shoot down when I find out that Best Buy doesn't have my preordered iPhone 4S 64GB Black model on time. Instead, I decided to upgrade my iPad to the latest released of iOS 5.0. My current iOS version is 4.3.1, so I have to upgrade first to 4.3.5, then run the Update. Upgrading iOS from 4.3.1 to 4.3.5 took a while, more than one hour from running the backup of my entire iPad contents e.g. pictures, video, and apps. The iOS 5.0 requires iTunes 10.5, so I have to download and install it. It takes 10-15 minutes to updates. And another 30-45 minutes downloading files, depending on your internet speed. I restarted my MacBook Pro as required by the program, then enjoy iOS 5.0 on my iPad. Next, my iPhone 3GS upgrading for iOS 5.0. Update: My iPhone 3GS is now upgraded to iOS 5.0. One nice feature of iOS 5.0, I can run "Software Update" directly from my iPhone. This feature remove the dependen

WP Super Cache

If you're running a blog using a content management system Wordpress, it is recommended to use the plug-in WP Super Cache. According to the description: "This plugin generates static html files from your dynamic WordPress blog. After a html file is generated your webserver will serve that file instead of processing the comparatively heavier and more expensive WordPress PHP scripts." (2011, With this plug-in, it will reduce the loading time of your website by 20-50% faster. Knowing the advantages, now let's find out the disadvantages. Well I'm running a e-commerce websites, for example,,, etc. My e-commerce websites were designed to randomly display the products in the main page, so we can showcase all products that we have in store. The website load faster but since it was converted to static html, the random display of products become static too. So I decided not to use the WP Super Cache plu

Steve Job 1955-2011

Good bye. 1955-2011

Apple released iPhone 4S, not iPhone 5

Apple comes short with their announcement today. I'm expecting a new iPhone product called iPhone 5, instead they announce iPhone 4S. It is like giving you a half bake product, same physical design, though comes with powerful processor dual-core A5, 8 megapixel camera, 1080p video recording at 30fps. provides a comparison between iPhone 4S VS iPhone4 , and post here . Check it out. As consumer, I still prefer to have an iPhone 4S than anything else. Maybe it's time for me to check the Galaxy II smart phone again. What do you think?

Group Text is free

I downloaded a Groupme app today so I can send a group message (group texting) to my kids. Whenever I send them a message, they will instantly receive it and give me updates. I am their Central Command, to get update from everyone and keep them in touch. I'm only using the Group Messaging , though they have added features such as Conference Call, Location, and Photo Sharing. How to use it? Download the app from Apple website. Start a Group, it will send a confirmation message to verify your phone number. In Setup " How do you want to receive messages?" I selected SMS because I have unlimited text messaging from my mobile service provider AT&T. For Sprint smart phone users, the PUSH should be ok, because it push messages are free and use your data connection. As of writing this post, Sprint data is unlimited. I keep ON for Save Groups to Contacts , and Off for Sync Contacts . I may change this option if needed in the future. Put check on " I agree to t

Troubleshooting account lockout.

It's been a couple of days searching for answers on how to resolve "frequent account lockout in Active Directory (AD)". If you missed the my previous posts, here's the links: 1st post - 2nd post - Today I will try this post on how to Troubleshoot Account Lockout courtesy by Microsoft Technet. I started my Active Directory Users and Computer , right click on my AD domain (for ex., then Properties . Click the Group Policy tab, select the Default Domain Policy , click Properties. In Group Policy Object Editor, collapse Windows Settings , Security Settings , Account Policies , then click on Account Lockout , and change Account Lockout threshold from 3 to 50 . You need to come back here and change it to 3 after your troubleshooting. Save the poli

Windows needs your credentials

Getting issue with one of my Windows Pro 7 user prompting to enter the network credentials. Here's the message. " Please lock this computer, then unlock it using your most recent password or smart card. " When I lock this computer, enter the new password. The user account is immediately lockout.  I also tried to logoff, and login back same issue - lockout. I need to unlock the account from the Active Directory, but the account will be lock out again later. This post is the continuation of " Frequent Account Lockout in Active Directory ", still no luck resolving this issue. Troubleshooting: ===  I found this post in Microsoft Technet ( ) "Run gpedit.msc Expand “Local Computer Policy” > “Computer Configuration” > “Windows Settings” > “Security Settings” > “Local Policies” > “Security Options” > “Network security: Configure encryption types allowed for Kerberos”