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How to install TFTP server

Here's a quick tutorial on how to install TFTP (trivial file transfer protocol) server.

Login as root
Run command  yum install tftp-server to install the TFTP server
Edit the configuration file, vi /etc/xinetd.d/tftp, and you will some the following.
# default: off
# description: The tftp server serves files using the trivial file transfer 
#       protocol.  The tftp protocol is often used to boot diskless 
#       workstations, download configuration files to network-aware printers, 
#       and to start the installation process for some operating systems.
service tftp
        socket_type             = dgram
        protocol                = udp
        wait                    = yes
        user                    = root
        server                  = /usr/sbin/in.tftpd
        server_args             = -s /tftpboot
        disable                 = yes
        per_source              = 11
        cps                     = 100 2
        flags                   = IPv4

Change disable = yes to disable = no to enable the tftp server

Start the TFTP server, run the command:
/sbin/service xinetd start

The default folder is /var/lib/tftpboot

Now let's test to get a file from your TFTP server
tftp GET test ; this command will get a test file from TFTP server

By the way, you can use to check if your UDP port 69 is open.

Here's my source:

When you first run the tftp get test_file, you see a similar error as shown below.

Error on server : File not found
Connect request failed.

Go back to the configuration file, run vi /etc/xinetd.d/tftp and update the server arguments

server_args             = -c -s /tftpboot

Try it again, you will now be able to download the test_file.
Although tftpd is installed correctly, the firewall is not allowing outgoing connections. It appears that the ip_conntrack_tftp kernel module would need to be installed for tftp connections to completely work. Unfortunately, this cannot be installed on a VPS server; a dedicated server would be required.

Alternative Solution for VPS server:
Disable CSF (firewall front-end software). Please note, disabling firewall is not recommended.


Windows 7 Professional for TFTP client
VPS server for testing TFTP server
Solarwind free tool for TFTP server and client

Thank you.

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